UPGRADE Jeep JL to Teraflex Falcon SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Shocks from MetalCloak Rocksport

We have been wanting to upgrade the MetalCloak Rocksport Shocks from our 3.5” Gamechanger to an adjustable shock kit because of how often we change our setup from fully loaded overlanding gears to fully naked and daily driving. After extensive research, Teraflex Falcon SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Shocks was the way to go and we wanted to share with you how we installed ours in case you have similar setup with the MetalCloak Gamechanger Suspension on a Jeep JL 4 Door Rubicon. Please be sure to watch the whole video as we include some tips on the setup throughout the install.

We are really happy with the upgrade! It does exactly what we were hoping for and having the flexibility to adjust the shocks for different setup and road/trail conditions is awesome.

We included a short section in the beginning on how we jack up the Jeep without a lift in case some of you who are just starting to learn how to work on cars by yourselves like us would like to know.

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