INSTALL American Adventure Lab Jeep JL M.A.S.S. Cargo Shelf

We have started working on organizing and building our Jeep out for long overlanding trips. One of the main things we want to have is a good space organization solution that will allow us to have room for a portable fridge and other storage bins/duffle bags for supplies. We don’t really want any permanent drawer solutions because we regularly go naked in our Jeep.

American Adventure Lab M.A.S.S. Cargo Shelf really fits the bill in this. It is strong and beautiful. They are based out of St George, UT. We recommend you checking them out if you are looking for similar storage and organizational solution for your Jeep.

The installation of American Adventure Lab M.A.S.S. Cargo Shelf is quite easy! 

First, we recommend you gather all the tools that you need for the install. Here’s the list:

  • 4 mm allen wrench
  • 5 mm allen wrench
  • Ratchet socket wrench
  • 10 mm socket
  • 13 mm socket
  • Regular 10 mm wernch

It is definitely much faster with two sets of hands. The instruction manual that came with the shelf was very well documented. So we won’t talk much about it. However, the one tip we have is to not over tighten the middle of the shelf where the two parts jointed before you install the two end pieces on the narrow side.

The vertical supports of the shelf is mounted to the roll bars of the Jeep. The plastic trim on the roll bar is easily removed by hand or with a trim removal tool.

Make sure you position and face the vertical support panel with its curvature bends towards the inside of the Jeep.

We mounted the shelf at the highest position because we wanted plenty of room below the shelf to store our ICECO JP40 Portable Refrigerator.

That is the beauty of American Adventure Lab Jeep JL M.A.S.S. Cargo Shelf system, you can adjust the location to suite your needs!

We are all setup and ready to go! Now we are ready to load up for our 3-day Thanksgiving Overlanding Trip!

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